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Laser Hair Removal

Laser + Microneedling

Laser Genesis Facial

Experience painless laser treatments, ideal for evening out skin pigmentation, stimulating collagen production, eliminating dead skin cells, and addressing vascular changes in the skin. These treatments require minimal to no downtime and deliver increasingly noticeable results with regular use. Whether you desire a radiant, smooth, and fresh look for special occasions or simply wish to maintain and enhance your skin's appearance, this treatment is perfect for you. It also proves effective in treating acne, rosacea, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Choose to purchase individual sessions or opt for package series for comprehensive and long-lasting improvements.

Vascular ND Yag Laser

This treatment is highly effective for addressing small vascular growths caused by sun damage, commonly found around the cheeks, nose, and chin. It quickly produces noticeable results by coagulating the damaged vessels, causing them to shrink and ultimately vanish. Depending on the severity of the condition, multiple treatments may be required to achieve optimal outcomes.

Secret Radio-Frequency Microneedling

Introducing Secret Radio-Frequency Microneedling, a cutting-edge procedure that combines semi-insulated gold-tipped needles with radio-frequency energy for targeted collagen stimulation. This FDA-approved treatment is specifically designed to address sagging skin texture, and deep and fine lines, including those in delicate areas like the under-eye region, neck, and décolleté. It can also effectively target sagging skin around the knees and other body areas. To ensure your utmost comfort, a topical numbing cream is applied, and the expected downtime is 48 hours. During this period, it is crucial to provide proper care to protect the skin from infection. The semi-insulated technology allows this treatment to be safely performed on all skin pigments and ethnicities. For optimal results and a faster recovery time, consider incorporating topical Exosomes into your treatment.

Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL)

Experience the benefits of high-intensity laser treatment for addressing pigment concerns and
vascular sun damage. For optimal results, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure both before and after the treatment. This procedure effectively evens out brown sun damage and reduces
redness caused by sun exposure at high altitudes. Please note that there is a downtime period of 4-7 days during which increased pigmentation may surface on the epithelium before gently sloughing off. It is advisable to undergo this treatment annually. The areas that can be treated include the face, chest, and hands.

Laser Hair Removal

Discover the advantages of permanent hair removal through a series of treatments specifically targeting the actively growing (anagen) hair follicles. Typically, achieving hair reduction and long-lasting results requires approximately 4-6 sessions, depending on the treatment area. This procedure is suitable for removing dark facial hair, addressing unwanted hair in the armpits, eliminating back hair, and achieving a smooth bikini line.

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