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Age gracefully at Balanced Aesthetics

We are a concierge aesthetics spa helping clients feel confident and radiate youth, no matter their age.



Balanced Aesthetics leads the way in Durango, Colorado with innovative techniques, treatments, and procedures provided by Dr. Alison Jackson herself.  This is truly a one-to-one experience with Dr. Jackson as your guide.


Meet Alison Jackson MD

Dr. Jackson, a board-certified family physician, has been practicing medicine in
Durango, Colorado, since 1996. In 2012, she took a bold step to enhance the quality of care by opening Durango's first concierge medical clinic. Over time, she has successfully transitioned her personalized healthcare model into the emerging field of cosmetic medicine. With a keen eye for design, she has discovered a new passion for providing clients with treatments that prioritize safety, experience, and detail. While she no longer offers family medicine services, her aesthetics practice benefits from her extensive medical knowledge, ensuring enhanced safety and efficacy during your visits.

As a master injector, Dr. Jackson specializes in delivering high-quality, personalized skincare treatments that allow you to age beautifully without ever appearing overdone. Step into her serene and inviting office where her expertise effortlessly aligns with your aesthetic vision. Safety always takes precedence in your procedures and Dr. Jackson’s extensive educational training in medical school, coupled with her 28 years of medical experience, sets her apart from other practitioners in Durango, making her avaluable asset.


"Alison is pure magic. When I visit her beautiful office, I am always warmly welcomed and tended to with great skill and care. Alison goes above and beyond for every client and her generous, trustworthy presence makes me feel at ease. Her treatments and depth of understanding on how they work support me in caring for my skin in middle age and in feeling confident and beautiful as I move through the world. Over many years now, I always leave Balanced Aesthetics feeling nourished and glowing both inside and out."

-Erin T.

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